Beond Airlines: Soaring High with Luxury or a Flight of Fancy?

Beond Airlines: Soaring High with Luxury or a Flight of Fancy?
  • PublishedFebruary 26, 2024

While corporate travel struggles to pick up post-pandemic, Beond Airlines is taking a bold leap in the opposite direction. This Dubai-based carrier isn’t just catering to wealthy leisure travelers – they’re offering them an unprecedented experience: every seat on their aircraft is a luxurious, lie-flat affair.

Imagine forgetting the traditional cattle class and stepping onto a plane where every passenger is treated like VIP. This is the vision Beond is aiming to realize, redefining the skies with unparalleled comfort and exclusivity.

BeOnd, a name that plays on the word “beyond,” is a Maldivian airline established recently in November 2022 and headquartered in Malé, the Maldivian capital. This airline is a joint venture between Arabesque, an Emirati investment firm, and SIMDI Group, a Maldivian hospitality company.

However, Beond’s journey hasn’t been without skepticism. Launched in November 2023 with just a single aircraft, questions arose about the long-term viability of their model. Doubts about profitability and environmental impact were voiced, pointing to the failure of similar niche airlines in the past.

Recenlty, the Maldives-India conflict also seems to threaten the fortunes of this Maldives based luxury carrier. Since Maldives has been a huge favorite with Indian elite and Bollywood celebrities BeOnd had plans to target Indian luxury travellers heading to Male.

Despite the concerns, Beond recently took a significant step forward. They acquired a second aircraft, expanding their service offerings and aiming to connect Munich, Zurich, Riyadh, Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok by mid-2024. They also have ambitious plans to reach 60 global destinations and boast a fleet of 32 premium aircraft by 2030.

Their audacious vision is backed by a $17 million seed funding round and ongoing investor search. However, the road ahead is long. They need to navigate environmental concerns, potential competition from established airlines and even the rising popularity of private jets, some of which face growing scrutiny due to environmental impact.

While Beond may not pose an immediate threat to giants like Emirates or British Airways, their innovative approach and ambitious growth plan warrant attention. Whether they become a game-changer in the luxury travel sector or remain a niche player, only time will tell. The industry is watching closely, waiting to see if Beond’s flight of fancy takes off.

Image credits: Matheen Faiz on Wikimedia Commons

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