JetBlue Quietly Increases Fees for Checked Luggage.

JetBlue Quietly Increases Fees for Checked Luggage.
  • PublishedFebruary 26, 2024

While we regret the necessity of fee hikes, it’s a measure we’re implementing to restore our company’s profitability and offset rising expenses associated with baggage handling.” A JetBlue flight departed from Logan International Airport in March.

Customers flying with JetBlue who fail to plan will now face higher charges for checked luggage. Following suit with other major U.S. airlines this year, Logan Airport’s primary carrier has elevated its fees for checked bags. Notably, JetBlue discreetly implemented fee increases for baggage checked within 24 hours of departure this month.

Starting from February 1st, passengers checking bags within 24 hours of departure incur a fee of $45 for the first checked bag and an additional $60 for the second checked bag, reflecting a $10 rise. Meanwhile, travelers checking bags at least 24 hours before departure are charged $35 for the first checked bag and an extra $50 for the second checked bag.

The hike was initially disclosed by The Points Guy, highlighting that while the airline did not officially announce the adjustment, the revised rates were quietly updated on the airline’s website over recent weeks.

JetBlue provided the following statement to regarding the increase in baggage fees: “The expenses associated with our operations have significantly risen due to factors such as increased wages, elevated fuel costs, and other inflationary pressures, and we have yet to return to profitability since the onset of COVID,” stated JetBlue.

“While we are reluctant to implement fee hikes, it’s a necessary step to steer our company back towards profitability and offset the escalating expenses related to baggage handling. JetBlue remains committed to offering customers both competitive fares and an exceptional travel experience. By adjusting fees for optional services utilized by specific customers, we can maintain low base fares and ensure that beloved amenities like seatback TVs and high-speed Wi-Fi remain complimentary for all passengers.”

Earlier this year, JetBlue reported a net loss of $104 million for the fourth quarter of 2023, emphasizing, “2024 marks a pivotal year of transformation for JetBlue, and we are implementing aggressive measures, including the launch of $300 million in revenue initiatives, to restore profitability and generate value for our shareholders.”

The airline highlighted that JetBlue Plus cardmembers still enjoy the benefit of one complimentary checked bag, while Mosaic customers continue to receive two free checked bags.

“For other customers, our baggage fees remain designed to encourage advanced planning,” JetBlue stated. It’s worth noting that the revised fees do not affect transatlantic flights, which adhere to a distinct fee structure. Customers can review all JetBlue baggage fees on our website.

American Airlines revealed on Tuesday that it would be raising its baggage fees, with first bags checked in at the airport now costing $40, a $5 increase compared to those checked in online. The fee for the second checked bag remains consistent at $45, regardless of whether it is checked in online or at the airport.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines implemented higher checked bag fees on January 2nd, setting the charge at $35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag, reflecting a $5 uptick.

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