O’Hare Flights Disrupted: Severe Tuesday Storms Cause Delays and Cancellations

O’Hare Flights Disrupted: Severe Tuesday Storms Cause Delays and Cancellations
  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2024

The ground stop at O’Hare was lifted by 9 p.m., although the National Weather Service warns of possible winds up to 70 mph and the potential for a tornado. In Chicago, heavy rain, wind, and hail affected the area Tuesday night, temporarily disrupting flights at O’Hare International Airport.

Tuesday night, the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the city and surrounding suburbs, cautioning of winds reaching up to 70 mph and quarter-sized hail. This warning remains in effect until at least 9 p.m.

Before this, the weather service issued a tornado watch for the region, indicating favorable conditions for tornado formation in the area.

A ground stop was imposed at O’Hare; however, it was rescinded by 9 p.m., as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration. Many incoming and outgoing flights experienced delays, with nearly 30 flights canceled by 9:30 p.m. Power outages occurred in Sauganash due to downed wires, with additional outages reported in areas such as Bridgeport, Ashburn, and Greater Grand Crossing, according to a ComEd map.

The weather service issued a tornado warning for the vicinity around O’Hare and the northern suburbs, indicating that tornadoes had been sighted. According to NBC Chicago, travelers sought shelter at O’Hare when sirens sounded.

Earlier on Tuesday, meteorologists cautioned about significant weather changes expected in the next several hours, including the potential for tornadoes. Thunderstorms are forecasted to occur between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m., some of which could be severe, bringing with them hail and damaging winds.

Subsequently, temperatures are anticipated to sharply decline. A cold front is projected to swiftly traverse across Chicago and the suburbs, causing temperatures to plummet by 20-30 degrees within a mere hour, as reported by the National Weather Service. In total, a 49-degree contrast is expected between Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s high temperatures.

“The temperature swing from this evening to sunrise Wednesday will be remarkably drastic,” tweeted the National Weather Service. “Following today’s summer-like temperatures in the 70s, tomorrow morning’s wind chills near or below zero will be exceptionally harsh!”

There’s a possibility of snowfall on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, although the amount remains uncertain. Cooler weather is anticipated until Thursday, with temperatures gradually rising again heading into the weekend, as per the weather service.

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