Delta Airlines to Open Airbus A330 Pilot Base at Boston Logan International Airport

Delta Airlines to Open Airbus A330 Pilot Base at Boston Logan International Airport
  • PublishedJuly 5, 2024

Delta Air Lines is set to open a new pilot base in Boston, the first in a significant time. This base will be dedicated to A330 pilots, reflecting the airline’s recent substantial investments in The Hub.

A New Pilot Hub

Delta Air Lines, one of the US Big Four, maintains a significant presence nationwide with strategically located hubs and bases. In an internal memo shared on X, Delta flight operations announced to pilots the opening of an A330 pilot base at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).

The memo also notes that this is the airline’s first new base outside its existing hub structure in a while, offering convenience for pilots who call New England home.

The memo concludes that this development reflects the airline’s ongoing commitment to BOS and the surrounding community.

Simple Flying has reached out to Delta for more details on this new development and its impact on the airline’s operations in Boston. Any response will be updated in this article.

Investing in Boston’s Future

Boston is a key hub on the US East Coast, with Delta Air Lines operating from BOS for nearly two decades. The airport serves as a major center for the airline’s transatlantic flights. Officially named a Delta hub in 2019, the airline rapidly expanded its operations there. By 2021, Delta surpassed JetBlue as the largest operator at BOS, and in 2022, BOS became Delta’s second transatlantic hub after New York (JFK).

Delta has strengthened its presence at BOS, positioning itself as a strong competitor to JetBlue and American Airlines. After opening the anticipated Delta One Lounge at JFK last month, the airline plans to open four new premium lounges across the US, including one in Boston. This November, Delta will also launch a seasonal non-stop service from Boston to Honolulu, marking its longest domestic flight.

Delta’s Airbus A330 aircraft

Delta utilizes a diverse fleet comprising Boeing and Airbus aircraft for its mainline operations, along with Bombardier and Embraer planes operated by regional partners. Among these, Delta’s Airbus A330 fleet plays a crucial role in both domestic and international medium to long-haul routes, offering a premium-heavy configuration across all three variants and featuring four distinct cabin classes.

Delta One343429
Delta Premium Select212128
Delta Comfort +242456
Main Cabin144203168
Total Seats223282281

Delta has announced plans to use Airbus A350s and Airbus A330neo for its future long-haul flights. Although the airline currently operates Boeing 767s, these new Airbus models are set to replace them over time.

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