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India is set to implement a satellite-based toll payment system across its national highways.

India is set to implement a satellite-based toll payment system across its national highways.
  • PublishedApril 2, 2024

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced the upcoming implementation of a satellite-based toll collection system, replacing the existing method where toll fees are deducted directly from bank accounts according to distance traveled. “We are eliminating the current toll system. Instead, a satellite-based toll collection system will be introduced. Fees will be automatically deducted from your bank account based on your total travel distance. This will save time and fuel,” Gadkari stated in an interview with ANI on Wednesday.

Addressing concerns about excessive toll charges, the Minister highlighted the time and fuel savings facilitated by highways. Illustrating his argument with an example, Gadkari remarked, “Previously, the journey from Mumbai to Pune took nine hours. Now it’s only a two-hour trip, saving seven hours’ worth of diesel. Naturally, toll fees are incurred in exchange for these benefits. We are implementing this through public-private partnerships, necessitating repayment.” The Union Minister also projected that by 2024, the National Highways road network would match that of the United States of America.

Gadkari expressed his optimism about the future, stating, “By the end of 2024, the fate of the country will be transformed, as our National Highways network will match that of America. Achieving this goal is my utmost priority, and I am confident in its realization.” He further elaborated, “Bharatmala-2 is a project spanning approximately 8,500 kilometers, while Bharatmala 1 covered 34,000 kilometers. Numerous schemes have been sanctioned, with many more yet to be implemented.”

Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of achieving a five trillion dollar economy, Gadkari emphasized, “Our department’s role will be crucial in realizing this goal. We are committed to constructing world-class national highways, which aligns with our objective. We have dedicated our efforts towards this endeavor.”

Acknowledging his inability to eradicate road accidents during his tenure, the Union Minister expressed regret, stating, “It saddens me that I couldn’t prevent accidents, which are often attributed to human behavior. However, I am confident that in the future, we can instigate behavioral change and raise awareness about road safety. This proactive approach will yield positive outcomes.

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