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Residents Response to Proposed I-71 Interchange

Residents Response to Proposed I-71 Interchange
  • PublishedApril 29, 2024

Residents along Boston Road in Brunswick responded positively to the announcement that ODOT and NOACA are reevaluating solutions to alleviate traffic congestion near the border of Cuyahoga and Medina Counties. “I’m pleased with this approach; it should have been implemented initially,” remarked Susan Mazzola, a resident.

For years, tensions have simmered between residents and city officials in both Brunswick and Strongsville regarding a suggested interchange linking Boston Road to I-71 in a bid to alleviate traffic congestion. 

Transportation authorities have announced their intention to enlist an external consultant to conduct a comprehensive traffic study aimed at enhancing traffic flow within and around the cities. “This is the proper approach. The study was meant to assess all areas, not solely Boston Road,” remarked Sharia Kellums, a resident.

“There is consensus that there is a problem. However, there are differing opinions on the approach to resolving it,” stated ODOT press secretary Matt Bruning.

This development follows a feasibility study carried out by the city of Strongsville.

ODOT indicated that the study did not yield “a clear-cut solution.”

“This will generate a variety of options, a menu of solutions, aimed at finding an approach that the majority of stakeholders find acceptable,” Bruning explained.

The study is projected to span up to two years for completion, potentially commencing later in the current year. ODOT stipulates that NOACA must first endorse the plan at its board meeting scheduled for September.

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